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TOWB Music finds the Perfect Interface between the Digital Music Market and Blockchain Technology

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

American Music Streaming Service, TOWB Music introduces its Big Project that gives a new paradigm for the Royalty Program System through the deployment of Blockchain Technology.

In the conference, TOWB Music’s token issuance is implied to increase market expectations and heralds the seismic change in the global digital music market.

TOWB Music, Inc. (CEO Eric Sim) recently announced its big project that presents new capabilities to the global music business such as royalty payments through the introduction of Blockchain technology into TOWB Music’s service featuring the world’s first blind competition and automatic share algorithm.

TOWB Music announced earlier this year, they would present the new royalty payment system to artists throughout the world.

TOWB Music’s CEO, Eric Sim said that “We found the perfect interface between digital music market and Blockchain technology. We are very excited that we are able to suggest an entirely new business model to the overall music business through TOWB Music’s project.”

In addition, TOWB Music implied its own token issuance for royalty payments and various sponsorship rewards, raising expectations in the global digital music market.

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