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The True Music Industry Disruption “TOWB Music” Debut Globally

  • TOWB Music becomes the first-ever Blind Music Competition-based App that includes built-in features like the World’s first Blind Battle and Automatic Share Algorithm to help bring an artist to the limelight.

TOWB Music launches a competition based revolutionary tool for an artist to grow their brands and get their music noticed in the crowded marketplace of streaming and digital downloads. The platform enables users to upload, discover, and share original files while competing for both exposure and prizes.

Headquartered in the heart of Downtown Orlando, Florida, TOWB Music is a digital music tech startup Created to give highly talented artists a platform. It is the only platform with built-in features like the World’s First Blind Battle and Automatic Share Algorithm created by several experts including composers, producers, recording engineers, and an entertainment management company.

Artists will be thrilled with the simplicity of displaying their music on TOWB Music. TOWB Music has held 106 genre-varying Blind Battles since the first Hip-Hop/R&B battle in August 2018 and will strive to satisfy users’ needs completely whether it be artists, listeners, and anyone with the passion for music by releasing an upgraded version of its digital music service while opening events such as sponsored battles.

TOWB Music offers equal opportunities for both artists and listeners. For artists, the platforms offer them the opportunity to generate revenue by doing what they love while for the listeners, they have the opportunity to vote for their favorite tracks giving them the chance to win prizes. TOWB is planning to release an upgraded version using aggressive marketing with expectations to reshape the digital music market.

From indie artists who prefer to focus on their music to upcoming artists that are just singing for fun, TOWB Music is the right platform for them to get noticed. TOWB Music’s highly organized tools and artist-focused systems empower artists to build quality fan bases in a short time and earn money trough competition, leaving them more time to focus on what they know how to do best.

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