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  • What is TWB Token?
    TWB is Better World Foundation's own cryptocurrency that combines TOWB’s services with block-chain technology to create a new paradigm for music event payments and global royalty payment systems.
  • What problems does TWB solve?
    1. The TWB token solves the imbalance of the current royalty payment system that was unable to evolve in response to the changing environment of the global digital music market by providing the new system that will allow artists’ to have their royalty using the TWB token sent directly to the artists’ TOWB Wallet. 2. People point out the absence of a proper music distribution service and the short supply of music available to individuals and music companies. Also, it is difficult environment to use music commercially due to extensive copyright issues and high fees from agencies. TWB will provide an innovative program that allows users who need a source of music to host their own battles and actively select their desired audio.
  • What is TOWB Music's Blind Battle?
    TOWB Music’s Blind Battle is a new type of competition and music sharing system that offers up-and-coming artists a chance to step out into the spotlight without having to deal with unfair stereotypes. Artists are required to upload 20 seconds of their favored tracks with the names and song titles being randomly generated. Listeners are given the opportunity to listen and pick their favorite tracks to cast a vote. Once the battle concludes, the artist with the most votes will be crowned the winner and entitled to receive prizes. All other participants will have their identity and rankings revealed. After the battle’s conclusion, the full track will become available on the artists’ profiles and every play on their tracks will be eligible to receive royalty payments. In addition, the artist has the ability to sell their tracks partially or fully to the public where users are able to purchase and receive same privileges as the artists. The consumers are paid automatically via TWB tokens, reliant on the percentage of copyright they own as their works are played.
  • How is TWB Token used in TOWB Music Platform?
    Arist side Income - Copyright sales - Royalty (Pay per Play) - Prizes from TOWB Music and Sponsor opened Blind Battles - Merchandise (T-shirts, Hats, etc.) Revenue - Crowdfunding (Funding from Fans/Sponsors) Pay - Paid Memberships (Unlimited Upload Time, Advanced Analytics, Paid Royalties, etc.) - Blind Battle Entry Fee (e.g. 500 TWB tokens) Listener side Income - Royalty purchased from Copyrights - Rewards from Blind Battles and Events Pay Copyright Purchase - Paid Memberships (Ad-free Listening, Unlimited Skips, List of previous votes, Etc.) - Expense for Blind Battle feature (e.g. 50 TWB tokens to listen to more than 20 seconds of a song from the Blind Battles) - Artist’s merchandise purchase - Direct funding to favorite artists Sponsor Side Individual or Company sponsors can open blind battles to award prize money as well as contract desired artists. For each sponsored blind battle, TOWB Music will be paid a certain amount of TWB tokens. Sponsors are also responsible for awarding the artists and listeners and can adjust the prize amount. (e.g. Minimum amount is 100,000 TWB) Advertisements from Sponsors will be charged by TOWB Music.
  • More questions?
    If you have any questions that we haven't been able to answer, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.
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